All three entries in Cobra Mobile's popular iBomber series have been slashed in price, meaning you can grab iBomber, iBomber 2, and iBomber Defense for just 69p / 99c each.

iBomber and iBomber 2 see you jump into the driving seat of an explosive-filled aircraft, as you go behind enemy lines and attempt to destroy tanks, ships, artillery placements, and other key targets.

You can wreak havoc with multiple bomb types, visit a variety of locations, and just generally blow stuff to smithereens.

iBomber Defense, however, completely flips the script, and tasks you with defending your territory against waves of incoming enemies.

In the driving seat

You'll fight the good fight across North Africa, Russia, and a host of other locations, and unlock Game Center achievements as you play.

iBomber and iBomber 2 both managed to bag themselves Pocket Gamer Bronze Awards at review, with iBomber Defense going one better and nabbing a prestigious Silver Award.

You can grab all three games from the App Store right now for 69p / 99c each: just click on the links below.

iBomber 2
iBomber Defense

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