PopCap's Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning Plants vs. Zombies has been updated with a host of new goodies, including a selection of mini-games taken from the title's Mac and PC offerings.

The nine new mini-games (check them out below) are split into three packs of three, each costing 50,000 coins that you earn throughout play.

If you don't have the precious cash to splash, however, you can buy three packs of 100,000 coins through in-app purchases for 69p/99c each.

Race to the grave

The update also includes a new batch of Game Center achievements to unlock and a Race to China micro-game, that sees you digging your way downwards (east?) as fast as you possibly can.

Plants vs. Zombies is available to download from the App Store for £1.99/$2.99.


Game Pack #3
Walnut Bowling 2
Seeing Stars
Bobsled Bonanza

Game Pack #4
Last Stand
ZomBotany 2

Game Pack #5
Beghouled Twist
Pogo Party
Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick