Top-down space exploration game Space Miner and its iPad counterpart Space Miner HD have been slashed in price to 69p/99c and £1.49/$1.99 respectively.

Both versions of the game offer a non-linear outer space environment, where you can explore sectors (48 of them), avoid hazards, earn mining licenses, and get your mitts on valuable treasures.

Along the way you can upgrade your run-down ship into a fierce battler, and equip it with the latest and greatest futuristic technologies.

If you manage to successfully survive the many hazards that space brings you can jump straight into Space Miner's Game+ mode. This, as you can imagine, allows you to replay through the title with all of the equipment you've already amassed.

Game Center is integrated for leaderboards and over 60 achievements.

Space Miner picked up a coveted Pocket Gamer Silver Award at review. We don't know when this sale will end so if the game tickles your fancy it's probably best to grab it right now.

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