One of the great things about Apple's App Store is its ability to attract quirky, original, unique, and clever games.

Take, for example, KuraKuraMaze - a title that tasks you with navigating a series of mazes using only your sense of sound to guide you.

You can't cheat, as your device's screen remains black throughout (screenshot above), meaning you have to rely on noise to find your goal, avoid hazards, and complete each stage of the game.

You navigate each maze by rotating your iPhone or iPad in a 90 degrees motion and tapping your screen repeatedly to step forwards.

An earful

KuraKuraMaze, which has been available on the App Store since early July, was recently selected as one of the Sense of Wonder Night titles at the annual Tokyo Game Show.

That means it was picked from over 60 applications.

Check out the video below for a better understanding of the game and download it from the App Store as a Universal app for free.

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