[UPDATE: Legendary Wars HD has been removed from the App Store due to a corrupt file. It will return as soon as the problem is fixed.]

Liv Games's castle defence offering Legendary Wars has been treated to its "biggest update yet", adding new game modes and units.

The game's new Legendary Arena mode pits your forces against 100 waves of enemies and ten boss challenges, as you attempt to grab the ten moonstones on offer.

You have a new healer unit at your disposal to help you achieve your goal, but there are also new Spider Queen, Abominable Snowbeast, and Imp monsters to defeat.

Luckily, the new Sunstone Spell Book contains five upgradeable magic spells that allow you to unleash devastating battlefield-wide attacks.

If you manage to successfully survive the onslaught of enemies and top the new Legendary Arena leaderboard, you can crank the game's difficulty up a notch to the new Monster difficulty.

You can even bag yourself a free moonstone by 'Liking' the Legendary Wars Facebook page through the app.

Price Wars

In celebration of one million downloads you can now pick up Legendary Wars for your iPhone and iPad for 69p/99c and £1.99/$2.99 respectively.

Be advised: we're struggling to locate Legendary Wars HD on the App Store. We've emailed the game's developer for further information.