Everybody's favourite avian-flinging physics game Angry Birds has been updated with the final 15 levels of the Mine and Dine episode.

These new levels see you follow the green swine deep into their subterranean lair and attempt to finish them off once and for all.

You do this, as you can probably already imagine, by flinging an array of birds at them.

We bet there are at least a couple of golden eggs to get your talons on, too.

Flying high

If you manage to punt your way through all 15 levels and you're still looking for a Angry Birds fix, Pocket Gamer has you covered.

You can check out just how Rovio comes up with its new Angry Birds levels, and take a look at some upcoming level themes.

And, as always, you can grab Angry Birds from the App Store for 69p/99c for your iPhone, and £2.99/$4.99.