Welcome to the PG Wall of Game Fame.

If you can take a corner at breakneck speeds, survive a mall full of zombies with just a pistol, successfully feed little green critters with candy, or score a 40-yard Gerrard-esque screamer, you might see your name here.

To qualify for inclusion, you first have to challenge and defeat a member of the Pocket Gamer team at a game of his choosing. No small feat.

Manage it, however, and your name will be forever enshrined here for all to see (and worship).

Our very first challenge - Disc Drivin' - has sadly come to a close, but you can expect further chances to slug it out in the near future.

Stay frosty.

Disc Drivin'

An asynchronous racer that sees you firing discs around a range of tracks and utilising power-ups to take the top spot.

The winners:

- Arn
- Boondah
- Boyzey
- Fares Fayad
- JZWilliams
- PeterBabiy
- Reppin Texas
- WeHeartGames

Thanks to all who played.