If you've managed to crash, smash, bash, and three-star your way through Angry Birds Rio, you'll be pleased to hear that there are now 15 new levels to tackle.

As you can probably imagine from the name of the new episode – Airfield Chase – the new levels take place on an airfield, and come complete with luggage trolleys, suitcases, and an assortment of other themed goodies.

There are also four new Game Center achievements to get your talons around.

Chase A.B.

Although the levels are new, your mission remains the same - you have to free a range of colourful birdies from their cages.

Oh, and rack up huge high scores as you do it.

As always, we'll have three-star video walkthroughs for each of the new levels shortly.

If you're yet to grab Angry Birds Rio, you can pick up the Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning avian-flinger for 69p/99c on iPhone, and £1.99/$2.99 on iPad.

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