PopCap’s popular lawn defence game Plants vs Zombies has been out for Android devices since May, and an Xperia Play-optimised version will be joining it soon.

The announcement was made at Sony Ericsson’s stand at Gamescom in Cologne, whereupon a zombie and the Android robot had a dance-off, as is customary in Germany on these occasions (see below).

Plants vs Zombies pits you against waves of zombies with only a variety of flora to fend them off. Obstacles like fog and swimming pools increase the challenge, while peashooters fire at the oncoming hordes and wall-nuts barricade the way.

It's unclear exactly how the game will incorporate the Xperia Play’s controls, but since Plants vs Zombies started life on Xbox 360 it's probably a safe bet that the controls will be similar to that.

The release date for the Play optimised version has yet to be announced, but you can get the original Android version from the Amazon Appstore for $2.99 [download].

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