The original iBlast Moki hit the App Store just a couple of months before Angry Birds. It was more original and critically acclaimed than Rovio's mega hit, but it didn't capture the public imagination in the same way. Probably because it's called iBlast Moki.

The aim of the game, in case you've forgotten, is to propel an entity called Moki towards a portal using bombs. It's a physics-based game, so detonating a bomb beneath and close to Moki will send him flying straight upwards, while detonating one to his left and far away will make him roll gently to the right.

Developer Godzilab first revealed iBlast Moki 2 back in June, following that up with gameplay details in July. Today it's given us a launch date and a few more details.

iBlast Moki 2 will feature 90 levels across four “gorgeous” worlds, three new paint bombs to go with the original explosive one, balloons, vehicles, cacti, and more. The game will also come with a level editor, allowing you to create “advanced contraptions” as well as play with water, different physical materials, joints, and so on. You'll also be able to share your levels with your friends.

iBlast Moki 2 will be available on August 18th (next week). Godzilab hasn't revealed the price, but it will reduce the original iBlast Moki to free and its iPad counterpart from £2.99/$4.99 to 69p/99c to celebrate the sequel's launch.