In a phone interview with website VG247, Sega West CEO Mike Hayes said his company will give the PS Vita full support.

“On Vita, we can came (sic) out pretty early on and said we were going to give support to the hardware."

"We will have at least two titles at the launch of Vita. When exactly that’s going to be of course, we don’t know, but we’re assuming it’s going to be by the end of the Sony financial year, we guess, so we’ve got that.”

Virtua Tennis 4 – which was announced at E3 – has been confirmed, but the other is an unknown title.

At least another three games are also in production.

Launch into market

Hayes also spoke briefly about the prospects of Vita's digital delivery service. “[I've] got a feeling that Vita will be a very handy digital delivery device.”

"So we’ve very much embraced it and it’s a beautiful piece of kit. We hope Sony get the numbers that we think they’re going to do on that.”

Sony has confirmed that the Vita will launch in Japan by the end of this year, and will grace US and European shores some time in the early stages of 2012.