We've seen rumours point to an August release, a September launch, and October unveiling, and even a 2012 arrival for Apple's iPhone 5.

Now, Japanese Apple site Kodawarisan has heard from a "well placed source" that the currently mythical handset - and some new iPods - will be appearing on September 7th.

It's not the first release date rumour, and it probably won't be the last, but website Electric Pig is quick to point out that, "Kodawarisan has been on the money with rumours in the past – it correctly reported the new Mac Mini launch date ahead of time in 2009."

It's all in the looks

Design wise, the new iPhone could look pretty much the same as the current model, have an entirely new look, or sport a teardrop shape.

The insides could be packed with an A5 processor, or an A9 processor, and we'll possibly see a eight-megapixel camera on board.

The only thing we know for sure is we don't know anything for sure until it comes from Apple's mouth.

I'll meet you back here next week for another iPhone 5 rumour.

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