A popular modified Android OS with several useful features is coming to Xperia Play and some other Sony Ericsson handsets.

CyanogenMod is a custom-made ROM of the Android OS that improves performance somewhat and adds a bunch of other features, such as an Incognito mode for browsing the internet and a lockscreen feature similar to Google’s ‘Gesture Search’ app.

Until now, it has only been available on certain handsets, but it's set to become available for Xperia Play, Neo, and Arc.

The ‘Lockscreen Gestures’ feature allows you to associate a drawn pattern with an application. For example, if you want to run the Android Market app you can set it so that by tracing a square box on your lockscreen it will fire up the market instantly.

Meanwhile, Incognito mode acts in a similar way to Mozilla Firefox’s private browsing function. By activating it, the web pages you visit will not be recorded in your internet history and your cookies will be deleted once the window has been closed. Perfect for, um, buying gifts.

A full list of the CyanogenMod’s features, along with a download link, can be found on the ROM’s website. Android Police

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