The Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning Android strategy title Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is coming to iOS "next week".

As the ruler of a tiny magical kingdom, you have to take responsibility for your region's prosperity. This means you'll be fighting enemies and monsters with ten other types of hero, exploring new territories, managing both economic and scientific developments, and completing a host of other tasks.

To aid you in your struggle through the game's nine scenarios, you'll have dozens of weapons and armours at your disposal, spells to take down your foes, and 30 upgradable building types.

There are 100 achievements up your grabs, too, if you think you're good enough to unlock them all.

The New York Times listed Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim as one of its five 'Winning Games for Tablets' back in June of this year. HeroCraft clearly reads its US broadsheets.

We don't currently have an exact release date or price, but cross your fingers and keep your eyes on next Wednesday's mid-week releases feature.

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