id Software has updated three titles from its iPhone and iPad catalogue of shooters: the excellent 1993 classic Doom, and both versions of graphically rich on-rails shooter RAGE.

First, Doom Classic – which will set you back £1.49 / $1.99 / €1.59 – now features support for Apple's Retina display, and is finally playable on both iterations of the iPad.

The game's menus have also been treated to an overhaul, and several 'minor bug fixes' have been made.

Rage against the app machine

The developer has also made additions to both RAGE and RAGE HD, with both titles being recompiled under iOS 4 for better compatibility.

Furthermore, both are now optimised for Apple's iPad 2, giving them an extra graphical grunt and HDMI TV output capabilities.

If you've struggled with the game's pre-existing controls, there's a new analogue thumbstick for you to try out, and a new melee mechanic that enables you to smash mutants in the face by shaking your device.

My personal favourite inclusion, though, is 'Game Center fixes', which will hopefully prevent my hard-earned RAGE achievements from being wiped clean for a third time. Some crash fixes have also been implemented.

Finally, a new splash screen, updated legal text, and correct logos for both id and Bethesda have been added. (What do you mean, you don't care?)

RAGE received a Bronze Award at review from former Pocket Gamer iPhone maestro Tracy Erickson.

You can pick it up from the App Store in standard definition for 69p / 99c / €0.79 or in glorious HD for £1.49 / $1.99 / €1.59.

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