The iPhone remake of classic 1987 brawler Double Dragon has been updated based on customer (that's you) feedback.

For starters, the game's control panel is now transparent, with a second option - found in the options menu - displaying only the buttons.

Furthermore, the game's text has been revised, the lights in Stage 5 have been moved slightly higher, and the 'hit box' of the whip weapon has been slightly expanded.

Fire sale

If you weren't around in the late '80s, Double Dragon invites you to take on the roles of Billy and Jimmy Lee in a nuclear war-torn world.

Your job is punch, kick, punch, kick, kick, and punch waves of baddies in order to rescue a fair maiden known as Marian from the evil Black Warriors.

To celebrate the update, Double Dragon has been reduced to £1.49 / $1.99 / €1.59 for a limited time.

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