Indie Dutch studio Vlambeer has announced an iOS follow-up to its popular flash game Radical Fishing.

Entitled Ridiculous Fishing, your job is to catch a variety of fishies, hurl them into the air, and smash them to smithereens with explosive weaponry.

You'll also have over-the-top upgrades, monsters, and treasures to focus your attention on.

Ridicuous Fishing even includes fish-wearing hats, which already makes it a Pocket Gamer Platinum Award-winning title in my books.

Digging deeper

According to the game's developer, the new blow-'em-up won't be a simple rehash of its flash game.

"We don’t just want to recreate Radical Fishing for iOS, so we reimagined the idea from the ground up for the platform," Vlambeer's founder Rami Ismail revealed.

"We also took time to implement the things we learned from the original flash version and to watch a lot of documentaries about the art of fishing with high caliber weapons. Ridiculous Fishing is everything you loved about the original but better and prettier."

Taken the bait

Vlambeer hadn't planned to announce Ridiculous Fishing just yet, but felt compelled to after receiving word of a new iOS title - Ninja Fishing - 'inspired' by its flash hit.

"Yesterday, we suddenly received piles of messages and tweets that somebody had made a game inspired by Radical Fishing, and that they were bringing the game to iOS.

"Seeing as we’ve had Ridiculous Fishing under development for quite some time now, that was a bit of a surprise."

As always, we'll keep you updated with any fresh information.