Following the release of the original Sushi Boy in October 2010, developer Wefiends is returning to its Japanese-themed dodge/shooter with the release of Sushi Boy Thunder.

Another universal release, only this time using your iDevice in standard portrait rather than landscape form, the gameplay is similar, albeit with additional craziness and thunder.

Really raw

You control Sushi Boy (tilt and tap controls are provided), as he flies up the screen, collecting yellow and blue coins in order to unlock and customise six characters, including a cute superdeformed ghost, cat, bear and talking tv, while avoiding bullets, mines and other nasties.

Of course, this being a sushi-based game, you have to eat the pieces of raw fish, fattening up Sushi Boy and unlocking powers that will zap the obstacles.

Levelling up

Starting with four lives, your goal is to stay flying for as long possible, collecting as much stuff as you can.

Or, if you want, you can just buy coins as in-app purchases; from 5,000 coins for 99c/79c/69p to 75,000 for $4.99/€3.99/£2.99, or unlock individual characters and costumes from 99c per character to $2.99/€2.39/£1.99 for all characters and costumes.

Feeding into some light RPG elements, coins are also used to boost character stats such as stamina, speed, shooting and thunder power. Leaderboards and achievements are supported via Game Center.

Still, the main draw of Sushi Boy Thunder is its excellent presentation and lovely graphics.

It's due for release on Tuesday 26th July, and you can download it for iPhone and iPad for free (it's ad-supported).

Check out the video for more insights.

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