The well known PC brand Trainz Simulator, which came to iPad at the end of December 2010, has now arrived for Android.

As you'd expect from a high end release, it's aimed at tablets; generally requiring Android 2.3 to work, and is particularly optimised for Nvidia Tegra 2 devices.

Indeed, developer N3V points out that thanks to its work with Nvidia, Tegra 2 devices enable the simulation to include more advanced weather and water effects such as fog, as well as advanced lighting, and higher detailed locomotives.

Chuffing great

Of course, all versions of the game include features such as the railroad route creation Surveyor tool that enable you to create layouts, drive trains and work out route scheduling.

And further encouraging fans to get involved in its cross platform ecosystem, if you buy the PRR T1 - A Fleet of Modernism locomotive for the PC game (here, AUS$25) before the end of July, you'd be entered into a draw to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Trainz Simulator for Android is available from the Android Market (here), priced £3.31 or local currency equivalent.

You can get an idea what it's all about in this video of the iPad version.

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