In what some would call an amusing turn-around, it appears that developer Mobigame has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Apple in the hope of having Edge Games's EDGEBobby2 removed from the App Store.

That's according to to an email I've just received from Mobigame CEO David Papazian.

Papazian also shares his thoughts on the recent lengthy character defence - in which Langdell denies 'trademark troll' allegations - and states that Timmy will probably end up doing bird.

Don't take my word for it, though, read it for yourself below.

The email

"Hi Anthony,

I just saw the new article on the Langdell-gate at PG. A journalist at the Escapist told me yesterday that Timmy sent a PR with a pretty large document dump, I guess you received it too.

I would like to let you know my thoughts on this.

We have no connection to Edge Games (and we don't want one). We believe this is a cynical attempt by Tim Langdell to generate sympathy for his court case. He will try to use the argument "Future made me do it" for his appeal against the Future lawsuit. We are certain that he will lose again, and he will probably be put in jail.

Futhermore, we sent a DMCA notice to the company hosting his website, because he has no right to use our company name or our games names, which are protected by the trademark law.

We also sent a cease & desist letter to Apple to have his game "EDGEBobby2" removed from the App Store. This game infringes Robert Figgins's copyright (Robert & Trevor Figgins created Bobby Bearing back in the 1980s and they own the copyright on this game since Langdell's UK company was closed into liquidation in 1990).

This game also infringes Future Publishing logo, our trademark EDGE, and confuses our fans."

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