Developer Revolutionary Concepts – which previously brought vintage arcade games Road Blasters and Cobra Command to iOS – has announced Gesundheit!

The game, which will be published by Konami, has apparently been kicking around in some form since 2007. It was originally created by animator Matt Hammill, and Revolutionary Concepts claims this version was made for iOS “from the ground up.”

The story follows the exploits of a pig with allergies whose village is attacked by monsters. He narrowly escapes and spends the next 40 hand-drawn levels trying to rescue his fellow villagers.

It's not entirely clear what the gameplay entails, but from the trailer it's clear that snot plays a significant role.

Gesundheit is in going through Apple's App Store approval process now and should be available within a couple of weeks. It'll initially cost 69p/99c on iPhone and £1.49/$1.99 on iPad, before going up to £1.49/$1.99 and £1.99/$2.99 at a later date.

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