The iPad hit comes to the iPhone!
Forget ordinary bricks and blocks and Arkanoid games. This is ArkanoArena!
Try ArkanoArena for iPhone FREE and get ready for the arrival of the full version.
Next-gen Arkanoid with amazing innovations and new gameplay.
Beautiful steampunk graphics and story - Take the invitation and win this incredible contest.

What's it all about?

- The almighty Stinger - that;s the name of the vehicle in the game
- Mr. Arkano and his store - let's upgrade Stinger a little bit, shall we?
- Story... do you have what it takes to win this incredible contest?
- 10 unique & addicting levels / arenas - FREE version
- 3 game modes
- Various weapons, upgrades and bonuses
- Survival mode: All guns & upgrades - but one chance!
- Time bonuses
- Auto save and automatic restore (normal mode, HC mode)
- Cool & dangerous enemies (that´s what guns are for!)
- Beautiful graphics, cool sounds and music

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