UK developer Laughing Jackal (Vibes, Cubixx) continues to be one of the few developers to support Sony's PlayStation Minis format.

Its latest announcement is the rather gory but interesting-looking OMG-Z, which mixes up a grey and blood red palette with chain reaction gameplay.

Hit the spot

Controlling your gun's cross-hair, you have to shoot a zombie, who will helpfully explode, spit acid or fire more bullets (depending on type), causing zombies in close proximity to explode, spit acid or fire bullets, and so on.

Consisting of 81 waves of the undead across 32 environments, your progress is measured via 324 medals and the cash which enables you to unlock 70 zombie upgrades in terms of their propensity to take out their fellows when shot.

OMG -Z will be on PSN on August 2 in the US and August 3 in Europe, priced $3.49 or £2.49.

You can see how it plays in the following video.

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