Bronze Award-winning Scrabble-alike Words With Friends has been updated with several new features.

New prompts, for starters, will alert you when you're silly enough to try and play an invalid word, while a new shuffle button has been added to the game board.

Logging in has been made simpler, with the game auto-populating as many fields as it can - leading to one-tap log-ins under some situations.

Finally, several bugs have been squashed - including a particularly nasty network connection problem - with new characters in the chat window, extra Facebook integration, and improved stability rounding out the changes.

Lay your words on the table

In Words With Friends, players take turns to construct words of varying value on a board containing the familiar double-letter, double-word, triple-letter, and triple-word tiles.

And thanks to cross-platform support, you can even challenge that Android lot to a 'best smartphone brawl'.

Pick it up from the App Store for your iPhone for £1.49 / $1.99, or in glorious HD for £1.99 / $2.99. Free ad-supported versions are also available.

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