Excellent Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning racer DrawRace has been made free and updated with five new tracks.

On top of the new tracks - which are available in all game modes - developer RedLynx has also added hotseat multiplayer reward selection, and made several improvements to the speed of the network and server play.

The game's framerate has also been treated to a speed boost, with an update to DrawRace's game engine rounding out the changes.

Revved and ready

DrawRace tasks you with speeding around 25 tracks by drawing your car's racing line with your finger.

Your vehicle will then match that line, speeding up and slowing down depending on how fast you swiped your finger around each corner.

You can compete in single-player races against the computer, challenge your own best scores, or jump into an online multiplayer match against other racers from around the world.

Local hot seat multiplayer for up to three friends is also included.

Grab DrawRace from the App Store now for free, and check out Pocket Gamer's hands-on with the upcoming DrawRace 2, which is looking like an abnormally substantial sequel.