Seizing the moment while Rupert Murdoch is distracted by other matters, Pocket Gamer publisher Steel Media has snapped up from under the media mogul's nose in what is likely to prove this week's biggest setback for the Murdoch empire.

The bit about Murdoch isn't true, granted. But just because he's not shown an interest in, doesn't mean you shouldn't either.

Created by game journos in September 2009 with the aim of becoming the best iPhone video review site for gamers, AppSpy is the largest provider of YouTube video reviews for iPhone and iPod touch games on the web, with the highest movie review count of any website – currently over 1,400 and rising.

Pocket Gamer itself has become the beneficiary of the AppSpy team's skills. A growing number of our widely respected text reviews are now augmented with video reviews created by our Antipodean cousins. Check out our review of Async Corp. to hear the Aussies in action.

There's more than just reviews (in a fresh quickfire format relished by a loyal and firmly established audience), though.

Target, aim, purchase also operates a fully custom-developed app price-tracking and alert system for its readers – once logged in, you can track apps of your choice and be notified when the cost of that app drops to your desired price point.

Pretty handy, eh?

"After working for AppSpy for almost two years now, I’ve come to consider the site as almost a personal project – a labour of love," AppSpy editor Andrew Nesvadba said.

"Joining Steel Media has a been a big step forward for AppSpy as it now shares in the wealth of skill, knowledge, and passion that has made sites like Pocket Gamer so successful."

Kind of you to say so, Andrew, thanks. In return, we'll ask you to please take a moment to check out Andrew and his team's fine work at AppSpy.