Moore’s Law states that computing power doubles every year. Qualcomm would beg to differ.

A leaked Qualcomm roadmap picked up by Mobiletechworld (before being forced to pull it from the site by the company’s lawyers) has shown that the American chip maker is planning to unveil a 2-2.5Ghz quad-core mobile processor in 2012.

The new chip is the final step on the roadmap, uses the Krait 28nm SoC, and comes equipped with Qualcomm’s own Adreno 320 GPU to push polygons.

The processor is effectively more powerful than my last PC, although it’s worth remembering that CPU power is more than just clock speeds and that mobile processors have to compromise elsewhere to keep heat and power usage down.

We’d be interested in seeing how much impact these increasing speeds have on battery usage, though, as, while raw power is obviously a great thing to have (especially for pocket gamers), only being able to run it for an hour between charges isn’t quite so desirable.