We’ve changed the title of this section from ‘Free Android game pick’ as that sounded a little dull. Also the word ‘pick’ reminds me equally of mining and noses, which, when combined, is not an image I want in my mind.

Stop right there. I know you’re about to click away having seen both the title of this latest free game and glanced at the screenshot to the right, but I don’t just go about recommending any old tat on this section of the website.

Yes, it has an incredibly derivative name and looks awfully like any of a billion match-three games out there, but despite these setbacks I still ended up playing Pumpkins vs. Monsters for a good hour or two last night after work.

That’s mainly because it doesn’t actually feel much like a match-three game. Sure, you’re moving various coloured pumpkins around so that they match-up (done by sliding, not swapping), but after a few levels they start to feel more like ‘ammunition’ than gems.

Pumpkins vs. Monsters is effectively Plants Vs. Zombies meets Bejeweled, with a combined addictiveness factor that - while not quite matching those two PopCap classics - is still enough to get even this cynical soul playing.

The basics of the game are very simple: various types of zombies and other critters march down in rows from the top of the screen, with only your matched pumpkins (and a toolbox of tricks) able to stop them clawing at your face.

But it won’t take long before the game ratchets up the difficulty and starts making you think not just about matching everything on sight but also planning out your attacks (to conserve ‘ammunition’ for the bigger foes) as well as keeping an eye out for dropped cash, used to upgrade your arsenal between levels.

It’s long, has some very tight controls (rarely did the game misinterpret my intentions), and actually ends up being a rather engaging casual puzzler, especially once three or more pumpkin types are in play and huge, hard-hitting monsters are legging it down towards you.

You can pick up Pumpkins Vs. Monsters from the Android Market by clicking this handy link (download) .

Many thanks to Sean for letting me know about this game. If you have a free Android title that you feel should feature, then do email me at will.wilson [at] steelmedia.co.uk