Like the anti-hero who miraculously revives at the climax of a blockbuster to force another adrenaline boost on the audience, EDGE Games - the operation of infamous IP litigant Tim Langdell - is apparently back in operation.

It's just released the snappily titled EDGEBobby2 onto the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad.

From the description, we can read it's the "Sequel to the highly popular classic game Bobby Bearing.

"Bobby returns to the realm of Technofear to seek out his brothers who have got lost again. Easy to play, but very hard to master, this arcade action style 3D puzzler will keep you challenged for hours."

From the single screenshot, it looks a bit like Marble Madness meets ecstasy iconography, and is available in a paid universal 99c, €0.79 or 59p release, or a free version which just contains the first zone [iTunes link].

Apparently, there are also plans for the game to be released for Android, PC and Mac.