When cynics dismiss all mobile games as simplistic nonsense for small children, calling a game something as blandly literal as Cut the Rope probably doesn't help. It's just a thought.

Other than that, there's not much wrong with developer Zeptolabs's iPhone smash hit.

Like all good puzzle games, it starts with a premise that's deceptively simple to grasp, with candy suspended from point A and a small creature at point B waiting for you to cut the rope and drop said candy into its open mouth.

But, like all great puzzle games, it gets steadily more complex from then on.

Candy twist

There are three stars to collect in every level, requiring you swing the candy to reach them, then pass it between ropes, float it in bubbles, or blow it around.

There are spikes obstructing your way, spiders attempting to eat the candy, and stars that disappear after a set time.

Later levels start to get so twisted you're grateful for just having passed them, let alone picked up all the collectibles.

To nitpick, the difficulty curve is surprisingly harsh once it gets going. While the original iPhone release could have been called a little too easy, the added stages and restructured levels make this one both longer and harder than before.

Sweet treat

Nonetheless, Cut the Rope is still a pleasure just to play, even when it does occasionally get a little unfair.

The way the different pieces work is a thing of beauty. Successfully navigating a level passing the candy from rope to rope, neatly cutting through the right lengths at the right time, dodging the enemies, and scooping up all three stars is always satisfying.

The Android release packs in all the iPhone content (post updates) and runs pretty much flawlessly, to the point where playing the ad-supported release feels as if you're getting away with something naughty.

Anyone with the slightest interest in physics puzzles should savour this little treat.