Some people still complain about Apple's official removal of support for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G, while more of us are finding top end games chugging on our third generation iPod touches.

Well, phooey to us.

Armored Combat: Tank Warfare Online from Hungarian studio 3D Magic currently only supports iPad 2 and iPhone 4.

High performance

As the title suggests, it's an online-only deathmatch tank game that has you fighting using WWII vehicles.

Underling its cutting-edge, the developer uses bulletpoints such as real time physics, real time shadows and destructible buildings to stress just how the game will make full use of your shiny device's processing capabilities.

Online matchmaking and achievements is handled via Game Center.

Still, there is the promise of 3GS-class support at some point, alongside day & night cycles, a winter theme, live chat, team duels, and a shop for upgrades.

Armored Combat: Tank Warfare Online is available as a universal app for iPad 2 and iPhone 4, priced $3.99, €2.99 or £2.39.

You can check out the CG trailer below.

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