[UPDATE] Gameloft has informed us that the update is for iOS only.

French publisher Gameloft has revealed on Twitter that the first major update for its massively multiplayer online role-playing game Order & Chaos Online will be released tomorrow.

The biggest additions include extra quests for two of the game's higher-level areas, dedicated chat channels for each supported language, and the ability to finally switch servers.

Several tweaks will also be made to the number of gold you lose when you die, with the cost of teleporting from city to city also set to be reduced.

A new teleport will be springing up in the town of Greenmont, and all cemeteries will become non-Player-versus-Player arenas, meaning you can no longer be attacked as you respawn from a previous death.

You'll have the ability to re-do a job quest if you were silly enough to either sell or lose a valuable item, and the option of resetting your business skills.

Finally, several new pieces of armour will be added (which you can view in our gallery above) with mandatory bug fixes completing the changelog.

Pocket Gamer will, of course, be updating its selection of hints, tips, and tricks with any new and valuable information.

The update will go live tomorrow at 6AM GMT during a bout of scheduled maintenance. We've contacted Gameloft to find out whether the Android version will get the update at the same time.

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