Yesterday we revealed that Edge developer Mobigame has teased a follow-up called Edge Extended, due out this summer. Details are sparse, but Mobigame's David Papazian was kind enough to furnish us with a few more morsels of information.

Edge Extended will be a universal app, and it'll contain 40 levels, most of them “very different” from the levels in the original Edge. Even so, Edge Extended is “not Edge 2”.

That may mean it'll be a game-changing update, an in-app purchase pack, or something else entirely. Mobigame will have more to say about it later in the year.

On the subject of trademarks – which inevitably follow any discussion of Edge – Mobigame extends its happy returns to Future and EA, both of which have won high profile lawsuits against trademark troll Tim Langdell, but denies that its own acquisition of the Edge trademark is what prompted it to makes Edge Extended.

“Of course our recent acquisition of the EDGE trademark is very encouraging, but in any case we really love what we made with this game and we are happy to keep working on it. We have some great ideas for the future of EDGE, but for now we are sure that if you liked EDGE you will be as excited as we are to discover EDGE extended.”