While we’re not that impressed by the specs of the HTC Flyer (see previous news posts), we have to admit that OnLive Viewer - a streaming games service that allows you to watch others play PC titles over the web - is quite a natty app to get as an exclusive with the device.

Essentially, it's a forerunner for the real OnLive experience (being able to play demanding games like Crysis over the net through your tablet/phone).

OnLive Viewer doesn't contain any interactive elements, though. Instead it's a showcase for the app's streaming abilities - you get to see others play the games.

This being Android, however, desired and exclusive apps don’t stay exclusive for long.

So it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise that the guys and gals over at XDA forums (pretty much the most renowned place for getting hold of Android hacks now) have managed to prise the program from the system and repackage it for other Android devices.

You’ll need to run the app through wi-fi, or it won’t be showing you anything (and the vid quality isn’t the best, to be honest), but if you’re curious as to what the fully functioning version of OnLive - due later this year - will offer, then you can grab the app using this link (download).

XDA Developers forums [via Engadget]