Chillingo's space-horror game D.A.R.K., which we first saw in April, has just hit the New Zealand App Store.

While we were initially surprised that Chillingo (the publisher responsible for cutesy affairs like Storm in a Teacup and Cut the Rope) was dipping its space boots into the survival-horror genre, we were optimistic that it could provide genuine scares with its haunting sound design and switches between out-and-out gun toting and exploratory horror sections.

The game puts you in the suit of a D.A.R.K squadron space marine tasked with discovering what happened to the space sailors who have mysteriously gone silent on board the USS Storm Bringer.

While the story might not be winning any plaudits for originality, it comes with a promising package of gameplay features.

We're excited by the prospect of a single-player campaign providing "hours on end" of play time and gameplay blending action, puzzle, and RPG-like character upgrades to personalise your space cadet.

D.A.R.K. is available on the New Zealand App Store now at the 66 per cent-off introductory rate of $1.29, which means it'll be 59p/99c when it hits the UK and US later on.

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