At the centre of 10tons’s insanely cute yet deceptively tricky puzzler is the most basic and reassuring act of human contact. No, not that, gutterbrain - holding hands.

Joining Hands was already well stocked in terms of stages, but 10tons has kindly boosted the game's total up to 160 with 70 freshly handmade ones in a new update.

The developer has also introduced a new character, Glooblin, and an 'Insane' difficulty level for all you gaming sadists out there.

In Joining Hands, the challenge is to link the Peablins up with one another, taking into account the number of hands they each possess.

On review, we found the philanthropic charms of Joining Hands irresistible, stating it was “polished, addictive, and disarmingly sweet."

Help the Peablins join hands today on iPhone and iPad for £1.79 / $2.99 / €2.39 from the App Store.

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