G5 Entertainment, maker of a string of hit casual games on iPhone, is set to bring its library over to the Android Market next week, starting with five games from its impressively large line-up.

These games are a mixture of time-management and classic casual fare, so expect to see Supermarket Mania, Success Story, Mahjongg Artifacts (and its sequel), and the excellently named Stand O’Food arriving on the Market on June 30th.

All titles will be made available for free initially, with the option of downloading the rest of the game for an as-yet-undisclosed price in-app.

While the titles may not sound that appealing to the ‘hardcore’ mobile gamers out there (I still dislike using that word), if you’re after something polished to while away the spare minutes at a bus stop, then you can’t normally go too far wrong with G5's catalogue.