Bulkypix (Gobliiins, Burn it All) and AMA are launching a new title onto Android this summer in the form of A Moon For the Sky.

Despite having one of those names that evokes images of pre-school library books, A Moon For the Sky isn’t a selection of basic spelling and pronunciation exercises.

Nope - it is, in fact, a casual game that revolves around drawing lines on-screen in order to bounce a moon high into the sky (hence, that title).

There’s an element of Doodle Jump and Wire Way about A Moon for the Sky's gameplay, while its handmade, material-y graphics are in keeping with the dreamlike atmosphere.

The original iPhone version managed to earn a decent ‘6’ at launch, with our main complaint being that it doesn’t really do anything fresh on top of its inspirations’ designs.

The game is out now on some mobile operators' games portals for purchase (check local carrier for details), and will be heading to the Android Market and Amazon Appstore later in the summer for an undisclosed price.