In Angry Birds's 1.2.1 update, Rovio introduced the golden eggs - a collection of hidden Easter eggs designed for the most fanatical supporters of this app.

Finding a golden egg unlocks a special, bonus level. They're just for fun and are either a bizarre mini-game or a meticulously crafted Rube Goldberg puzzle.

They're hidden in stages, in menus and credits, in treasure chests, and on caves high above the action.

You're expected to hunt high and low for these blighters, but we'll save you the effort with this handy guide. On the second page of golden eggs, you'll currently find nine eggs. Here's how to find the lot.


You can use this Golden Egg selection sheet to find which eggs you're missing.

16. Location: World 11, Level 15
This cheeky egg is hiding underneath the stage and requires, you guessed it, the boomerang bird. While this tricky stunt will have you pulling your hair out, at least you'll likely get the "Backwards Compatible" Game Center achievement in the process for firing 10 birds in the wrong direction.

17. Location: The Big Setup
Score three stars on every stage in Worlds 9, 10 and 11, which make up "The Big Setup", the game's fourth level pack.

18. Location: World 12, Level 12
This egg is hiding in the pigs’ prized golden trophy, hidden in their basement. You’ll want to fire some blue birds at the left-most glass wall, dispatching them at the last minute to create a small but powerful attack. Do this a couple of times to expose the wooden trap door. Now use your yellow bird to bombard it, and smash the trophy wide open

19. Location: World 13, Level 10
Use your pinkies to pinch and zoom the game’s camera and have a peak at the entire level. You’ll notice a golden egg dangling from a chain above the action. You can either use a white bird - blasting an egg out at the right moment to provide a life - or a yellow bird - aiming high and jetting off quickly to reach the egg.

20. Location: World 14, Level 4
An easy-peasy golden egg in the last update for the Ham 'Em High theme. Pinch the screen to zoom out and see the egg hiding high above the stage on the cliff. Now use a yellow bird to make a big, arcing shot to reach the egg. Don't worry if you miss it: this level gives you four yellow birds on each go.


21. Location: Ham 'Em High
Score three stars on every stage in Worlds 12, 13 and 14 - including the Facebook stages - which make up "Ham 'Em High", the game's fifth level pack.

22. Location: World 13, Level 12
On this stage, fire your white bird backwards and drop a bomb on your own birds’ heads. This friendly fire will unlock a special American football shaped Golden Egg (because the level was teased during the Super Bowl) and a Rio-themed stage (to promote the upcoming movie).


23. Location: World 15, Level 12
Use "pinch and zoom" to pull the camera back and spot the golden egg in the caves above the level. Fire a yellow bird, and blast its speed boost, to reach it.


24. Location: World 16, Level 9
Zoom out to see a golden egg hiding in the caves above the main action. Shoot a yellow bird into a high arc to slam down into the egg.


25. Location: Mine and Dine
Score three stars on every stage in Worlds 15, 16 and 17, which make up "Mine and Dine", the game's fifth level pack.


26. Location: World 17, Level 12
Zoom out to see a treasure chest high above the main action. Shoot one of your yellow birds into a very high arc to slam down into the chest, breaking it open to nab the egg inside.

angry-birds-guide-golden-eggs-27 27. Location: World 18, Level 6
An easy one for Angry Birds's second anniversary. Zoom out to see the egg hidden in a box, cradled above the pigs's den. Simply fire a yellow bird into a straight shot into the box to smash it open and save the egg inside.

Golden Stars

Once you have a few eggs, head into the golden eggs section of the level select menu to play the new levels and unlock the stars.

The chain reaction levels and pig massacre stages are mostly self explanatory, and just a bit of fun. But the puzzles might be a bit more confusing.

Here's what you need to do to unlock the star:


17. Angry Garden
Tap every icon, to reveal all the pigs, and then drag the big fat red bird left and right until the golden star is yours!

angry-birds-guide-accordian 21. Angry accordion
Grab hold of both ends, and pull the accordion until it rips. The golden star is hiding inside. You can play a little ditty on the instrument, too, if you fancy it.

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