PapayaMobile and developer Kiloo have struck a deal to bring Kiloo's Android catalogue to PapayaMobile Social Network – starting with the release of flying thriller Frisbee Forever later this year. Frisbee Forever is a fast-paced flying game in which you live out the universal ambition of becoming a Frisbee. Gliding through the air, you tilt your smartphone to go through hoops, collect stars, and complete stages. We gave it an impressive Silver Award on iPhone. Anyone who plays Kiloo games will now have access to new features such as integrated news feeds invitations, chat-rooms, leaderboards, and achievements, as well as being able to use the virtual currency system to buy virtual items online.

So far we know that Frisbee Forever will be released through PapayaMobile later this year. More details to follow on the rest of Kiloo's catalogue.