If you’re a little bored of the usual chip-tune, retro platformers, then you might want to check out Gamevil’s Kami Retro, which has just arrived on the Android Market for free (download).

Rather than take the normal approach to platforming (that is to say, you control one guy/gal and make him/her leap over gaps and spikes) Kami Retro entrusts you with a bunch of characters at once.

Controls are handled via swiping, and the idea is to prepare for a level by moving objects into the right place (like bouncy pads) and then successfully performing all the leaps, changes in direction, and bounds to get all the little fellas back safely.

It’s a dangerously addictive game, as we found out when we reviewed the iPhone version a few months back, handing it a Pocket Gamer Silver Award.

The Android version is ad-supported, which can be a bit of a pain when a level has a lot of low platforms to navigate, although these only pop up during the start of the level and retract when you actually get to jump over things.