If you're in need of a sequel and don't know how to make it look like an improvement on the original, just add the prefix 'super'.

Nintendo has now cleverly applied this simple naming convention to its Pokemon Scramble (renamed Rumble outside of Japan) title.

Super Pokemon Rumble, thus, is the 3DS sequel to the original WiiWare download released in 2009.

In this 3DS follow-up, you test your Pokemon-braying skills against the newest and toughest creatures from Pokemon Black and White, as well as your friends over wi-fi.

StreetPass tagging has been incorporated into Super Pokemon Rumble, so that you can battle other random trainers and collect their tiny creatures whilst out and about on the mean streets of Cambridge.

Super Pokemon Rumble is due for release on July 28th. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the images in the gallery above.

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