Enzo’s Pinball is the latest in the line of Android pinball contenders, making a solid if uninspiring attempt at it.

Pinball fiends will find a faithful recreation of the cherished electromechanical pastime featuring three well-crafted, if not particularly imaginative, tables.

Imagine all the tables

Clockworks, for instance, sees your ball careening through slowly grinding and spinning clock innards; Steam Power lowers the stakes with an abundance of bare wood and pressure dials, but curiously little steam; and Turntable DJ is just a spinning record stuck on a mass of white plastic with volume knobs and speakers sprinkled on top.

While graphical flourishes like the Clockworks gears’ parallax effect and the Steam Power‘s lightning effects definitely bring the drab scenery to life, they also serve to mark hidden scoring lanes that, if heeded, will ultimately ensure you a coveted spot on the leaderboards.

Pulling down the plunger by dragging it on a screen is naturally a much less satisfying experience than pitting your strength against a real life spring, but an elegant and understated control scheme at least ensures it’s not a hassle.

Enzo sleeps with the fishes

The problem is that Enzo feels very barebones. The UI lacks even the slightest shred of artifice, with no combo animations or indeed any noticeable indication of success, leaving it all up to the table animations to relay any information.

This feeling isn’t helped by a garbled mess of a Help section and complete lack of a scoring guide, which will leave even skilful players in the dark.

Enzo’s Pinball isn’t exactly an offer you can’t refuse - just one you'll probably want to.