The PlayStation Vita features are coming thick and fast from Sony's presser. The latest innovation is Cross Play - a new service which enables Vita users to connect with their PS3 consoles.

ModNation Racers Vita and Wipeout 2048 were used as examples of Cross Play. The former allows content sharing, with Vita players gaining access to the millions of created tracks on the home console version.

Meanwhile, the latter lets you take part in eight-player online races against other Vita users and PS3 players.

The service will also offer cloud saves, allowing for the easy transferal of save data between platforms.

Expect user-generated content to play a big role in future Cross Play opportunities, with LittleBigPlanet connectivity also promised for Vita owners.

Expect more from the rest of E3 this week. (Not least, a more in-depth PlayStation Vita report.)