The PSN Welcome Back pack went live over the weekend, granting PSP users a couple of games on the house.

However, it was a little slow, what with the millions of people all trying to log on at once. Pocket Gamer can now report that it is safe to log into the PlayStation Store - loading times are back to normal, and games are ready to be grabbed.

As a reminder, you're able to bag two of the four free games available from the store. These include LittleBigPlanet PSP, ModNation Racers PSP, Pursuit Force, and Killzone Liberation.

To bag these two freebies, simply log into the PlayStation Store, choose the Welcome Back pack, and select the free games. It's worth setting them going sometime soon, as downloads are still taking a fair while to come through due to the heavy traffic on the PSN servers.

You've got until July 3rd to grab your free games, so go and do it now, lest you forget!