There have already been whisperings (and now a confirmation) of a name change for Sony’s upcoming handheld behemoth, from NGP to PS Vita.

And today internet seepage on Russian site Mobile-review reveals shots and details of some of the new games we’ll be playing, including Uncharted, WipEout 2048, Super Stardust, Little Deviants, and Reality Fighters.

Mobile-review lingers longest and most favourably on Uncharted, highlighting the assisted targeting system as a huge boon.

The game features a new gyroscopic control feature, letting you - for example - tilt your device to extend a jump. Apparently, this whole process feels incredibly natural.

Of course, being an Uncharted game, there's a certain degree of graphical oomph. The author describes the cinematic game world as flawless.

In terms of the console, the fact that its design is an instantly recognisable form of the PSP seems to be a red herring. While Sony's original handheld was somewhat clunky and awkward to handle, its latest effort is "great to hold".

We can expect more at Sony’s big (five hour) press conference on Monday. For now, click on the screenshot above to view the gallery of new screenshots.