The waiting is almost over - Gameloft has tweeted that it will be revealing details on its first Unreal Engine-powered title at E3 this year.

There’s no details beyond the name at this point however, which is March of Heroes, but being the gambling type, we’re guessing it’s either a fantasy game (maybe a role-playing title), or (more likely) a soldier-y first person title (in a similar vein to Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front or Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus).

We’re offering odds of 100/1 that it’s an entirely original title with no strong influences from successful home console franchises. Back it if you dare.

In any case, it’s exciting news for fans of the Paris-headquartered company.

Pocket Gamer will be walking the floor at E3 and will bring you more details on March of Heroes when the event starts on June 7th.