Sony has issued a press release to confirm that all PlayStation Network services will be completely restored by the end of the week in all territories other than three countries in South Asia.

Owing to stricter privacy laws, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea will continue to wait, with Sony promising details for those countries, “will be announced as they become available.”

“The company implemented considerable security enhancements to the network infrastructure, as well as conducted testing of the payment process and commerce functions,” the release states, with Kaz Hirai adding: “[w]e appreciate the patience and support shown during this time.”

As part of Sony’s ‘Welcome Back’ package, PSN users will be able to download two PSP games from a choice of four games: LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers, Pursuit Force, and Killzone: Liberation.

Though Sony has missed its earlier deadline of May 31st for PSN restoration, it’ll be good to finally have the service back online.