Jason Rohrer, the indie developer behind iPhone puzzler Primrose and DSiWare title The Jason Rohrer Anthology, announced he was working on a Nintendo DS title called Diamond Trust of London just over a year ago.

With a release date of summer 2010 set, the year came and went with no word on whether the game was still in production - which was a huge shame, as it sounded downright delicious.

Fortunately, the one-man army is back in business, with a new publisher and a new logo.

Zoo Entertainment has announced that it is bringing Diamond Trust of London to Nintendo DS later this year, as spotted by Nintendo Life.

Over eight rounds, two players battle to get the best deals on sparkly gems using bribery, salary wars, and clever bidding.

Zoo says that it will release the game in "an exclusively digital, unique way". Could we be looking at a joint 3DS eShop/DSiWare store release?