Glu's freemium build-'em-up Bug Village has been updated with social features and new items for your creepy crawlies.

Through Apple's Game Center you can now view a list of your friends and visit their villages for a daily bonus.

Or if you're expecting visitors of your own, you can spruce up your settlement with four new houses: Mushroom Hut, L.O.V.E, Honey Stash, and Strawberry.

You now also have the ability to place houses, piles, and decorations anywhere you please, meaning you can 'plant' condos in your garden and piles in your village.

When your bugs become tired, you can now feed them Ice Cream, which stays in your village for 48 hours and doubles the time it takes for your workers to become hungry.

A wide range of new tasks for each pile, new missions to keep you busy, and several tweaks and - cough - bug fixes round out the additions.

Pick up the universal Bug Village from the App Store for free.